Company Logos & Badges

Supplied in packs of two for standard sizes of 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm length or as a multi sized sheet with sizes 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm & 50mm in various quantities.

These are self adhesive vinyl decals for fabric flags click here

VATCL - Alexandra Towing

Company Logo

VCALMAC - Caledonian Macbrayne

Funnels Logos

VGB37 - CSP Pennant

Caledonian Steam Packet Co

CCRAFT - Chris Craft Decal

Chris Craft logo

VCO01 - Cory Logo

Company Logo

VCSC01 - Clyde Shipping Company

Company Logo

DAMEN - Damen Shipyards

Company logo

DGZRS - German Lifeboat


VED01 - Elder Dempster

Company Flag decal

VEV01 - Everard Company Flag

Company logo

FAIREY - Fairey Logo

Company Emblem

VGB24 - Fisheries Protection Pennant

Pennant Emblem

VHANSS - Hans Schramm

Company flag

IOM - Isle of Man

Emblem - pre-cut circles

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company logo

MAERSK - Company Logo

Company Emblem

OR - Olympic Rings

Printed and cut olympic type circles complete with a clear application tape for easier use


VREA01 - Rays Tugs

Company Funnel Logo


Long company logo

RNLI current - RNLI Vinyl Decal

Modern logo from 2004 to today - see notes

RNLI old - RNLI Vinyl Decal

Original Logo with flagpole

RNLI pre 2004 - RNLI Vinyl Decal

Modern Logo to 2004

RNLI1851 - National Lifeboat Institution

Pre RNLI bow emblem 1851 - 1859

RNLI1859 - National Lifeboat Institution

RNLI bow emblem 1859 - 1907

SMIT - Smit Company

Funnel Logo - old

UNITOW - United Towing Company Logo

House Decal

URAG - URAG Company

Company logo

VWP01 - Windermere

Steamboat Museum Pennant