Supplied in packs of two for standard sizes of 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm length or as a multi sized sheet with sizes 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm & 50mm in various quantities.

In the images below some are shown in their packs and others just as the individual design however all the flags shown on these two pages are available in all the sizes listed above.


These are self-adhesive Vinyl flags - for fabric flags click here

VAUS01 - Australia

National Flag

VAUS02 - Australia

Naval Ensign

VB01 - Belgium

National Flag

VB02 - Belgium

Civil Ensign

VBM01 - Bermuda

National Flag

VCDN01 - Canada

National Flag

VCDN42 - Canada

Red Ensign

VCH01 - Swizerland

National Flag

VCOL01 - Columbia

National Flag

VD01 - Germany

National Flag

VD50 - Germany

Hakenkreuz 1933-1945

VD51 - German Ensign

1933-45 period

VD60 - Germany

Kriegges Marine

VD62 - German

Admirals Flag

VD74 - Germany

Hamburg Town Flag

VDK01 - Denmark

National Flag

VE01 - Spain

National Flag

VEAT01 - Tanganyika

Merchant Flag

VEU01 - European Union Flag

EU Logo and Flag

VF02 - France


VFN01 - Finland

National Flag

VGB01 - Union Jack

Present Day

VGB01 - British Union Flag/Jack

Current Union Flag Decals

VGB02 - Modern White Ensign

Present Day

VGB03 - Modern Red Ensign

Present Day

VGB05 - St Georges Cross

Present Day

VGB06 - RAF Ensign

Present Day

VGB09 - St Georges Cross

Present Day 3:2 ratio

VGB13 - Customs Flag

Modern Present Monarch

VGB14 - RMAS Ensign

Royal Maritime Auxillary Service

VGB15 - R N L I

Present Day House Flag

VGB19 - Civil Air Ensign

VGB24 - Fisheries Protection Pennant

Pennant Emblem

VGB30 - Wales

Modern Ensign

VGB31 - St Andrews Saltire


VGB33 - Cornish Flag

County Flag

VGB40 - Pilot Flag

White Boardered Union Flag



VGB51 - Union Jack


VGB61 - Union Jack

1707 - 1801

VGBM01 - Isle of Man Flag

National Flag

VGR01 - Greece

National Flag

VI01 - Italy

National Tricolour

VI20 - Italy

Ensign 1861-1946

VI21 - Italy

Jack 1861-1946

VIND01 - India

National Flag

VIRL01 - Ireland

Present Day

VJ01 - Japan

National Flag

VJ02 - Japan

Naval Ensign

VJR01 - Jolly Roger

Skull & Crossbones