Legacy Flags

Fabric flags available in sizes from 10mm to 150mm long

Sizes available on all Legacy products will be down to what stock is currently available.  It will be necessary to check with the specialist Flag stockist.

A01 - Austrian

National Flag

ABP01 - Associated British Ports

Company Flag

AH01 - Austrian Hungarian


ASSC01 - A S S C

Adelaide Steamship Company

ATCL01 - Alexandra Towing Co Ltd

Company flag

AUS03 - Australia

Merchant Ensign

AUS10 - Australia

Queensland State Flag

AUS11 - Western Austarlia

State Flag

AUS18 - Queensland

Police flag

AUS19 - New South Wales

Police flag

AUS20 - Australia

Upper Murray River Flag

B01 - Belgium


B02 - Belgium

Civil Ensign

BDS01 - Barbados

National Flag

BF01 - Blue Funnel Line

Company flag

BM01 - Bermuda

National Flag

BM02 - Bermuda

Blue Ensign

BP01 - British Petroleum - BP

House Flag

BR01 - Brazil


BRU01 - Brunei

National Flag

BS01 - Bahamas

Modern Flag

BS02 - Bahamas

Civil Ensign - Flown by merchant ships registered in the Bahamas

BS03 - Bahamas

Naval Ensign

BSL01 - Blue Star Line

Company Flag

CC02 - Chris Craft

Swallow modern

CC03 - Chris Craft

Red Angled Flag

CC04 - Chris Craft

Red Straight Flag

CC05 - Chris Craft

Blue Angled Flag

CC06 - Chris Craft

Blue Straight Flag

CDN10 - Canada


CDN20 - British Columbia

State Flag

CDN21 - Nova Scotia

Provincial Flag

CDN22 - Ontario

Provincial Flag

CDN23 - Quebec

Province Flag

CDN42 - Canada

Red Ensign

CDN43 - Canada

Blue Ensign

CE01 - City of Exeter

Company Flag

CENT01 - Century

Company Flag

CH01 - Switzerland

Modern National

CH02 - Switzerland

Naval Basle Registered

CO01 - Cory Towing

Company Flag

COL01 - Columbia

National Flag

CP01 - Canadian Pacific

House Flag

CRO01 - Croatia

National Flag

CSC01 - Clyde Shipping Company

Company Flag

CU01 - Cunard

Company Flag

D02 - German Ensign

D03 - Germany

Merchant Ensign

D15 - Germany

DGZRS Lifeboat Flag

D30 - East Germany

National Flag 1948-1990