Designs & Shapes

A variety of printed and cut shapes and designs on waterproof self-adhesive vinyl suitable for exterior use

Squares 10BW - Chequer Pattern

Black / White 10mm squares

Squares 10RW - Chequer Pattern

Red / White 10mm squares

Squares 10RY - Chequer Pattern

Red / Yellow 10mm squares

Squares 5BW - Chequer Pattern

Black / White 5mm squares

Squares 5RW - Chequer Pattern

Red / White 5mm squares

Squares 5RY - Chequer Pattern

Red / Yellow 5mm squares

STARS01 - Military Stars

White, Black or Red US Military style 5 pointed stars cut from self-adhesive vinyl

Tiles Dia - Tiles Diamond

B/W 3 & 6mm

Tiles Sq - Tiles Square

Black and white square tile pattern in 3 & 6mm squares on the same sheet of self adhesive vinyl

VWD - Vinyl Windows

One sheet with a selection round cornered and square cornered vinyl rectangles for detailing windows on smaller models.

Circles - Masking

Self adhesive masking vinyl dots measuring 4mm to 7.5mm in 0.5mm gaps.

Circles - Vinyl

Self adhesive coloured vinyl circles measuring 4mm to 7.5mm in 0.5mm gaps, available in various colours, chrome, brass and masking.


Self adhesive coloured vinyl dots measuring 10mm to 16mm in white for car numbers.