depth markings

Depth markings

Scale reproductions of common hull depth markings printed in either black or white onto very thin clear self-adhesive vinyl.

Metric packs contain the common type of current marking found internationally while Imperial packs have 3 different styles marked in feet using both Roman and Western characters.

Once the vinyl is applied, the areas can be over-varnished to blend in the cut lines of the vinyl film and leave just the print visible.

For individual cut vinyl depth markings see our Roman numeral lettering.

HMB1.128I - Hull Markings Imperial

Black 1:128 Imperial depth markings

HMB1.128M - Hull Markings Black

Black 1:128

HMB1.150 - Hull Markings All

Black 1:150

HMB1.200 - Hull Markings All

Black 1:200

HMB1.24I - Hull Markings Imperial

Black 1:24 Imperial depth markings

HMB1.24M - Hull Markings Metric

Black 1:24

HMB1.32I - Hull Markings Imperial

Black 1:32 Imperial depth markings

HMB1.32M - Hull Markings Metric

Black 1:32

HMB1.48I - Hull Markings Imperial

Black 1:48 Imperial depth markings

HMB1.48M - Hull Markings Metric

Black 1:48

HMB1.72I - Hull Markings Imperial

Black 1:72 Imperial depth markings

HMB1.72M - Hull Markings Metric

Black 1:72

HMB1.96I - Hull Markings Imperial

Black 1:96 Imperial depth markings

HMB1.96M - Hull Markings Metric

Black 1:96

HMW1.128I - Hull Markings Imperial

White 1:128 Imperial depth markings

HMW1.128M - Hull Markings Metric

White 1:128

HMW1.150 - Hull Markings All

White 1:150

HMW1.200 - Hull Markings All

White 1:200

HMW1.24I - Hull Markings Imperial

White 1:24 Imperial depth markings

HMW1.24M - Hull Markings Metric

White 1:24

HMW1.32I - Hull Markings Imperial

White 1:32 Imperial depth markings

HMW1.32M - Hull Markings Metric

White 1:32

HMW1.48I - Hull Markings Imperial

White 1:48 Imperial depth markings

HMW1.48M - Hull Markings Metric

White 1:48

HMW1.72I - Hull Markings Imperial

White 1:72 Imperial depth markings

HMW1.72M - Hull Markings Metric

White 1:72

HMW1.96I - Hull Markings Imperial

White 1:96 Imperial depth markings

HMW1.96M - Hull Markings Metric

White 1:96