Signal Flags

Current and historical sets of signals in sizes to suit particular model scales

Fabric flags in economical sets and some commonly used individual signal flags 

The flag images shown on these pages are kept low quality to allow these pages to load quickly, whereas the actual fabric flags are produced at a much higher print quality

Some commonly used signal flags are available as individual flags in the normal sizes

ICA Signals - International Code Set A

Flags ABCEHIMNOPQUY01234 Code flag Substitutes 1&2

ICB Signals - International Code Set B

Flags DFGJKLRSTVWXZ56789 Substitute 3

BCA Signals - British Code - Set A

Flags ABCEHIMNOPQRUY01234 LetterSubstitutes 1&2

BCB Signals - British Code - Set B

Flags DFGJKLSTVWXZ56789 Number Substitutes 1&2

Nelson - Victory Signal Set

Full set of all signals hoisted during battle of Trafalgar