Legacy Decals

CCRAFT - Chris Craft Decal

Chris Craft logo

Circles - Masking

Self adhesive masking vinyl dots measuring 4mm to 7.5mm in 0.5mm gaps.

Circles - Vinyl

Self adhesive coloured vinyl circles measuring 4mm to 7.5mm in 0.5mm gaps, available in various colours, chrome, brass and masking.

DAK01 - Afrika Korps Emblem

Afrika Korps emblem- White and black printed and cut clear vinyl multi-size pack with 5mm to 50mm high emblems 

DAMEN - Damen Shipyards

Company logo

DGZRS - German Lifeboat



Self adhesive coloured vinyl dots measuring 10mm to 16mm in white for car numbers.

DOT01 - Department of Transport markings.

Department of Transport reflective markings and tape in a variety of sizes and scales.

EHMB 1.100 - Euro Hull Markings

Black 1:100

EHMB 1.150 - Euro Hull Markings

Black 1:150

EHMB 1.25 - Euro Hull Markings

Black 1:25

EHMB 1.50 - Euro Hull Markings

Black 1:50

EHMB 1.60 - Euro Hull Markings

Black 1:60

EHMB 1.75 - Euro Hull Markings

Black 1:75

EHMW 1.100 - Euro Hull Markings

White 1:100

EHMW 1.150 - Euro Hull Markings

White 1:150

EHMW 1.25 - Euro Hull Markings

White 1:25

EHMW 1.50 - Euro Hull Markings

White 1:50

EHMW 1.60 - Euro Hull Markings

White 1:60

EHMW 1.75 - Euro Hull Markings

White 1:75

FUZILEIROS - Fuzileiros Emblem

Portugese Forces Emblem - Printed and cut clear self adhesive vinyl

MAERSK - Company Logo

Company Emblem

RNLI1851 - National Lifeboat Institution

Pre RNLI bow emblem 1851 - 1859

RNLI1859 - National Lifeboat Institution

RNLI bow emblem 1859 - 1907

Squares 10RY - Chequer Pattern

Red / Yellow 10mm squares

Squares 5RY - Chequer Pattern

Red / Yellow 5mm squares

STARS01 - Military Stars

White, Black or Red US Military style 5 pointed stars cut from self-adhesive vinyl

Tiles Dia - Tiles Diamond

B/W 3 & 6mm

Tiles Sq - Tiles Square

Black and white square tile pattern in 3 & 6mm squares on the same sheet of self adhesive vinyl

UNITOW - United Towing Company Logo

House Decal

URAG - URAG Company

Company logo

VATCL - Alexandra Towing

Company Logo

VAUS01 - Australia

National Flag

VAUS02 - Australia

Naval Ensign

VB01 - Belgium

National Flag

VB02 - Belgium

Civil Ensign

VBM01 - Bermuda

National Flag

VCALMAC - Caledonian Macbrayne

Funnels Logos

VCDN01 - Canada

National Flag

VCDN42 - Canada

Red Ensign

VCH01 - Swizerland

National Flag

VCO01 - Cory Logo

Company Logo

VCOL01 - Columbia

National Flag

VCSC01 - Clyde Shipping Company

Company Logo

VD01 - Germany

National Flag

VD50 - Germany

Hakenkreuz 1933-1945

VD51 - German Ensign

1933-45 period

VD60 - Germany

Kriegges Marine

VD62 - German

Admirals Flag

VD74 - Germany

Hamburg Town Flag